For a sport club, like any other company, sustainability is crucial and has to be an integral part of the management strategy, regardless of its size and discipline. Since sponsors are becoming extremely careful about their image and fans very demanding, sport clubs need to leverage on a good sustainality policy to attract more funds and fans and increase their overall reputation.

As we have already mentioned, sustainability encompasses three major fields: the environment, the governance and the community. However, GLASS emphasizes also on the ethical part separately from the governance. Since professional sport today is facing many challenges namely corruption, match-fixing, conflict of interest among agents, doping, etc., we thought it was important to deal specifically with this area by assessing clubs strategy in regards to this concern.

Typically, GLASS will assess your club’s environmental policy (if you own or rent green building, or stadium; if you manage your waste or you use renewable energy or not). Regarding the society we check how you engage with your fans? If you invest in your community by having a youth academy or if you promote diversity and inclusion for instance. The governance aspect analyses how efficient and transparent is your management, if you respect players rights, etc., while the ethical part will look if you have policies to avoid conflict of interest, doping, etc.

A SMART club according to GLASS is a club that put first human at the center, which is resolutely engaged in the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and which is motivated to achieve the following attributes: Sustainable, Modern, Ambitious, Responsible and Transparent.

GLASS nurtures international sport leadership, providing a network for the sharing of information, issues and ideas among sports club leaders, scholars, fans, international organizations and sponsors. Besides, being part of GLASS shows your club is resolutely SMART. For information on membership benefits, please visit the Why becoming a member? page.

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